Win-Solar Products

Our standard Solar, Power and Other products can be purchased directly from our retail store by clicking on the products tab at the top of each page or the category on the side of the page. Products are usually shipped within 48 hours via USPS priority mail.  Larger orders may require Federal Express ground service.  We strive to give you the most economical delivery method  available. Our products are the highest quality and meet or exceed UL specifications or original manufacturers specifications.


Solar Power Extension Cables

These cables are used between photovoltaic panel, panel arrays, combiner boxes, inverters and chargers. We use ONLY genuine Multi-Contact brand MC3 and MC4 connectors and housing. The wire is a black UL listed 8,10,12 AWG sunlight resistant cables.  They typically have a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other end.  Use them to extend module output cables or cut anywhere along the wire to obtain the needed length of male and female cable to run from string of modules to a combiner box or to a longer cable.


Power Cables

These cables are high quality Flex wire UL 1232/1283/1284 or 1346, 600V, 105C, Class K stranded wire. The lugs are 3/8" stud, non-insulated, closed end (for corrosion resistance), tin plated ring terminals. Both ends are covered with protective heat shrink. These cables are recommended for inverters and battery interconnects.


Solar Branch Connectors

These are used to parallel connect multiple solar panels or groups of solar panels together in a solar array. The unique design offers greater directional ease in laying out the the branch lines. The molded in eyelets allow for easy tie wrapping of the branch connectors to the structure.


Combiner Boxes and Fuses

Industrial quality weather resistant 3, 6 or 12 wire residential combiner box by Shoals Technologies Group, a leader in solar networks. This is a UL approved assembly built to UL 1741. All components are UL Listed not just the box. The box is a rugged non-conductive NEMA 4X enclosure with weather tight seal.


Cables 1_1.jpg



This is basic materials. Raw 12 and 10 AWG UL Listed sunlight resistant PV cable.  The material is sold by the foot.  Connectors are genuine Multi-Contact MC3 and MC4 connectors, no knockoffs. 





These are the certified Multi-Contact tools necessary for crimping and assembling the connectors and housing for MC3 and MC4 terminations.


Economic Inventives

Never before have economic incentives been so great. How great? Check out for incentives offered by local, state and federal agencies. Let us help you meet your energy needs.