Custom Solar Array Harness

Why hassle with branch connectors, cutting, stripping and crimping to create the wiring harness for the solar array you need? Simply complete the form or provide a complete drawing of the layout you need. We will create a complete plug and play array harness.


A solar array is usually made up of two or more solar panels with junction or “j” boxes. A solar array harness is the complete connection system for the solar array. This usually involves two harnesses. One harness connecting to the positive side on the junction boxes on the solar panel and the other harness connecting to the negative side of the junction boxes. These two harnesses then tie back to a residential or commercial combiner box, charge controller or inverter.

  1. The first step is to determine the most efficient layout of cabling based on the arrangement of your panels in series or parallel. Determine the maximum number of Amps expected on a given array. Select the wire gauge for the harness on the form. The maximum number of Amps typical for our wire is.

    Wire Gage Max. Recommended AMPS*
    8 AWG 50
    10 AWG 36
    12 AWG 27
  2. Next select the Connector Style either Multi-Contact MC3 or MC4 connectors. Keep in mind you can mix the connector styles as needed but you must indicate each style at each termination point.

    solar connector styles
  3. All cable is minimum UL approved 4703 sunlight resistant conductor and 90 degrees C rated.
  4. Draw the layout on the Solar Network Form (Example 1 , Example 2 ). The sketch needs to be clear and concise. You have the option of using X, T, U or Y connections in your network. Your drawing does not have to be to scale but you must indicate the lead length of each leg and trunk on the network. The network can be as small as a few inches or as long as 150+ feet.

    X Connection
    T Connection
    U Connection
    Y Connection
  5. At each termination indicate if the end utilizes a Male, Female or stripped end.

This will complete the first side of the array. Now, repeat the process to complete the opposite side of your network.

*Always reference the National Electrical Code Article 690 for Solar Photovoltaic Systems for system questions or requirements or a Qualified Licensed Electrician.

Please send the completed form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or fax to 678-223-3112.  Please make sure to include your name and contact information.

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